Pneumatic valve Troubleshooting

Pneumatic valve does not work reasons.
1, check the air supply solenoid valve control to see if there is damage, the core stuck, coil burnout phenomenon, discovered promptly repaired or replaced.
2, check the cylinder and seals for damage, pneumatic valve repair or replacement if damage is found.
3, pneumatic valve check valve valve body is kept debris, if there is debris to be cleared if the spool valve or seal has been damaged, replace or repair.
Pneumatic valve slow movement or appear Dodo-go jitter.
1, check the output torque of the actuator is equipped with the body of the match, if the pneumatic actuator valve rated output torque is less than the required torque, there will be slow movements or shaking.
2, pneumatic valve pneumatic actuators checking pressure gas source is able too low, pneumatic valve if too low, the air supply pressure was increased in 4 to 7 kilograms.
3, the valve or valve assembly tight lead body becomes large torque required to reassemble the valve.
4, pneumatic valve for single-acting pneumatic valve, if there is loss of signal when the action too slow or jitter, you need to check the exhaust side.