Classification and characteristics of pneumatic valve

Classification and characteristics of pneumatic valve
Pneumatic valve with O-and V-ball valve of the points. O-type structure with floating ball valve, ball cores for precision casting, hard chrome plated exterior, seat with enhanced PTFE materials, stream crossings and pipeline of the same caliber, great flow capacity, flow resistance is extremely small, closed without leakage, generally make the switch valve, especially for high viscosity, fibrous, granular media; V type ball valve with a fixed structure, ball core has opened a V-shaped notch, proportional control can be achieved, approximately equal percentage flow characteristics.
Pneumatic valve can be selected according to different process equipment pneumatic or electric actuators, pneumatic valve were grouped and electric valve, pneumatic valve which adjust as required to achieve proportional valve positioner with electric proportional control valve as required to achieve the selected electronic electric actuators or with the servo amplifiers.
From the material, can be divided into: carbon steel ball valves, stainless steel 304 ball valves, ball valves and brass ball valve 316.
With the application, can be divided into: High pressure and low-pressure ball valve.
High-pressure pneumatic valve: mainly used in oil, gas, hydraulic oil, construction machinery and other industries.
Low pressure pneumatic valve: mainly used in the medium of water and other corrosive pipeline.