Electric valve features introduced

Electric valve 90 ° rotation can be fully closed fully open, with the same size gate valve and globe valve comparison. Electric ball valve and connecting channel and became a diameter equal to the diameter of the media is almost no loss of flow. Ball is an important valves in the petrochemical and long-distance pipelines and other fields are widely used. It shut down parts of a perforated portion of the sphere, the sphere with the stem rotation, to achieve the valve open or closed.
Electric valve which is characterized as follows:
① electric valve for two cut off, adjust the occasion.
② electric valve can be realized on petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, metallurgy, water treatment, fuel tankers and other transport medium inside the tubes and cut off circulation.
③ sealing performance, flow capacity, loading and unloading easy maintenance, small flow resistance, reliable seal, and even cut off.
④ electric electric valve, small size, light weight, thrust, strong function, the servo amplifier built-in, easy operation and high reliability.
⑤ flow can be arbitrary, adjustable wide range, can be used for high pressure and large diameter applications, control of high viscosity, with the fibers and fine particles of the medium.
⑥ direct connection, electric actuator built-in servo system, need to reprovision the servo amplifier, the input and output signal 4-20mA and 3800VAC power to control the operation. Has a connection is simple, compact, stable and reliable.