Pneumatic ball valve analogy with other advantages

Pneumatic valve is mainly used for cut off or connected line of medium, can also be used for fluid regulation and control, it is compared with other valves advantages:
A small fluid resistance, pneumatic valve is all valves in a fluid path of least resistance, even reduced diameter valve, the fluid resistance is quite small.
2, thrust bearings reduce stem friction torque, smooth operation can stem the long-term flexibility.
3, the valve seat sealing performance, pneumatic valve with PTFE seals made of elastic material such as the structure easy to seal, and the ball valve sealing capacity with medium pressure increased and increased.
4, valve stem seals, reliable, because the stem only for imitation rotation shipped without doing lifting movement, the valve stem packing seals easy to destroy, and the sealing capacity with medium pressure increased and increased.
5, due to PTFE and other materials with good self-lubrication, the friction loss and the ball, so the ball long life.
6, download type stem and stem head convex order to prevent the valve stem and spray stem seal damage caused by fire, convex order and the body may be formed metal contact to ensure that the valve stem seal.
7, anti-static function: the sphere, the valve body is disposed between the spring, the switching process can generate static electricity exported.