V-ball make extensive use of the advantages

V-ball valve to rely on rotating the valve is kept open or occlusion electric V-ball works. Relatively lightweight electric switching valve, and the volume is still small, can be made large diameter valves, reliable sealing performance, simple structure, easy maintenance, and the spherical sealing surface in the closed state are often not easily eroded by the medium, in different industries have wide applications.
V-ball and plug valves are of the same type of valve, but it's shut down parts of a sphere, the sphere rotates around the body centerline so as to achieve open and close a valve. Electric V-type valve in the pipeline, the main role is cutting speed, distribution, and changes in the flow direction of the media. Electric V-ball in the paper, petroleum, child energy, chemical, power generation, the original aviation, rockets and other departments as well as people's daily life has been widely used.